Over the weekend, my friend UD invited me to a baby  shower. We hadn’t seen each other in a while and it was great catching up with her. So, Mum to be was a classmate of hers from secondary school, a bunch of acquaintances were going to be there and she was gracious enough to invite me. She was also taking the pictures for the shower. She’s an amazing photographer, check her out on IG here (shameless plug). 

We arrive at the venue after getting lost twice, thanks Google maps. Bear in mind she (my friend UD) was the only person I knew at the shower. Everything was being set up when we arrived, so we joined in. UD started taking some photographs of the decor and set up. In about 30 mins, the shower kicked off with us informally just digging into the food lol.  We were about 5 girls at this point but more people started showing up a while later so we bulked up to almost 15 persons before the event ended. There was small chops, some wine, vodka, juice, candy(ish) and of course cake.


Despite not knowing anybody there, the girls were all really friendly and it helped that there were just 3 pregnant ladies in total. It felt a bit more comfortable to me, but seeing as this was my first baby shower what do I know. 

So food was aplenty, lots of fun conversations, we played games and charades was hilarious. Everyone took turns talking about their first time meeting the mum to be which was interesting to listen to as I had only just met her. I have to say, she is the most chilled person and also really funny. I haven’t met someone as comfortable in their skin and their space as she was. As the party fizzled out we ended up asking her questions about pregnancy and it then evolved into a very interesting conversation about sex and women owning their sexuality. It was really great, we were all mostly single (unmarried) ladies and it was enlightening hearing them sharing experiences and opening up about their sexuality. Some secondary school tea was dropped here and there and I could relate because I went to boarding school also. 

Here’s some sexy pregnancy tea from mum to be.

Do you want to get pregnant?  | Doggy Style is the way to go 

Mum to be says Doggy is a way to go if you’re trying for a child. Don’t gasp like you guys aren’t bumping body parts with other people and doing the nasty. And if you aren’t that’s alright. But if you are and you’re trying for a baby then you could try this out. I did some research of course, the early-pregnancy-test site says; It is widely believed that making love from behind (“doggy” style) is the preferred position for conceiving a boy. This theory is based on the fact that Y chromosome sperm (male sperm) swim faster than the X chromosome sperm (female sperm). Since the deep penetration afforded by rear entry sex allows sperm to be deposited right at the opening of the cervix, it is expected that the male sperm will tend to “win” the short race and fertilize the egg first. Another Uk website Babycenter, also concurs with this theory. Though just to be clear, these are not scientifically proven, just common sense because of positioning and some old wives tale mixed in. It doesn’t hurt to try and hey it also adds some spice in the bedroom if you don’t usually swing that way.


Getting your sex on in the third trimester | Spooning position

Mum to be swears by side ways sex especially for the third trimester. Apparently this position is safer for the baby and easy on the mum too. No time for acrobatic gymnastics sex please. You’re carrying a whole child in you, your significant other can afford to do all the work at this point which is barely any tbh. Just an easy slide and dip flow to get the groove going. Hahahhha

The women’s health mag and what to expect dot com agree with mum to be and give you even more options of safe sex positions while pregnant. So go ahead and check those out, and you can also use those even if you aren’t pregnant (wink, wink). 

To get A-Head or Not To | Is Cunninlingus still on the table 

The one sexual thing mum to be was grossed out by when the questions were being asked was the act of cunninlingus. If you don’t know what that means google is your friend but I’m your bestie so I’ll help you out. Wikipedia says; Cunnilingus is an oral sex act performed by a person on the female genitalia (the clitoris, other parts of the vulva or the vagina). Mum to be has really  been opposed to it since being pregnant. She says it’s because during pregnancy there’s a lot of vaginal discharge and there’s a thin line between that and discharges that come with infections. So having her husband go down on her (or perform the act of cunninlingus, wow that’s a mouthful) has not been one she encouraged. I’m sure the discharge situation differs for different people, and people are grossed out by different things so don’t take this as bible. It’s just her own personal experience.This came as a surprise to me, I wasn’t even aware this was experienced by pregnant women. 

We asked her a bunch of questions and they varied, but a bunch of them was about sex. We were mostly single girls there so I guess we were curious about the more sexual part of pregnancy. 

Something that had us constantly cackling from laughter was, anytime you asked mum to be anything, basically anything whether related or unrelated to pregnancy or babies. Her reply was always and I quote “they didn’t teach me that in antenatal -read in pidgin”. Anytime I think of it, it still makes me laugh so hard. Mum to be was really the best.

T.N : I really liked that people brought presents, it’s not a popular practice for Nigerians to bring presents for small “untraditional” events. Though I didn’t bring any, I found it really sweet. 

What do you think? Have you been to a baby shower before, how was your experience?  Is any of this information new to you? Do you have anything to add? Please comment, like and share.