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(Read title as: Broke Girl Guide ~ Do you really want to leave your face at my mercy? haq haq)

Hi, it’s me Tari. Your fave I hope, a bit conceited I know but you’re in my space so boohoo. 

Disclaimer: This is neither Dimma Umeh nor Jackie Anina nor Rheevo approved but I believe they would appreciate the ingenuousness. 

As the title depicts I’m either really about to put you on for real or have you looking like a clown but have no fear I gat you… kinda. 

So in as much as I feel like I’ve been in the struggle phase of the make up game  for ever, I’ve learnt as I go to have some quick tricks up my sleeves which I’m going to share with you my darlings. But first off let me rant. Guys, I remember when I started to do make up proper like first year in Uni with the tiny barely filled make up purses. Those thin ass eyebrows were  such a struggle but as time went on we were blessed with pro-concealers, contour and highlights. The make up game became tighter, my skills were better (never great) but decent enough. And I had some bomb ass slay days with some struggle days sprinkled here and there. But all was mostly well.

I think I was in a haze most of 2018 to 2019, I had a number of things I was trying to achieve/work on, trying to graduate, working an actual 9-5 for the first time, moving to a new city, losing my dad, yunoo just life essentially. Make up was the last thing on my mind and to be very honest I really didn’t care much for it at the time. I used to put the barest of effort on Sundays to look halfway decent. Fast forward to the later part of 2019 and I can’t even draw half decent eyebrows, like all my skills have gone with my smooth face (another story). I’m trying to paint my way out of looking like a skrep and it’s like my hands no longer know what to do. I’m basically back in hundred level again with that scrawny makeup kit, sitting for hours in front of the mirror and struggling my way through it all. At least then I had the excitement of youth and new discoveries spearing me on. 

But in solidarity with all Nigerians, we move. Here are some ways I’ve been tweaking the game and I know some of these are not new ‘hacks’ and a few others are me just trying to cut costs (read how to do more with less money wise and how I earned only 20k for the better part of 2019) by not buying actual products plus a girl is just so lazy. I tell you, it’s the bane of my existence.

I’ll start with my all time fave

Lip gloss

Such a tiny delight, can be used by itself, can be used over lipstick to give an extra oomph. This tiny item has been saving lives and self esteem of girls all over the world since preteens. It’s just really great and the item I’ve used most this year. I’m definitely team glossy over matte. And since this is a broke girl guide, I have to stay true to theme and recommend the Absolute lip gloss brand. Yes, that’s the name. I’m not saying it’s the ‘Absolute’, the name is actually Absolute.You should remember this from secondary school. You can also try any other lip glosses available to you. And if broke doesn’t apply to you by all means get the Fenty bomb glosses and MaryKay has really great glosses too. And if you’re feeling generous gift a girl some too (wink). 



The gift that keeps on giving. I would tell every girl to invest in a really good neutral eye shadow palette. You can have a ton of others but neutrals is where it’s at. And if it’s from a great brand they are usually smart enough to give you the basic neutrals like black, grey, beige, white, silver, some light pastels and if they really want to go all out they throw in a few gold shades  in there. And the more varied the shades the better. Cause in times of short trips and make up emergencies or lack of products, therein lies your eye shadow, your bronzer, shimmer (yes to gold shadows). And with the more colorful palettes your blush and don’t scream possible lip colour. A new trick I learned if you’re feeling adventurous or are just bored of your basic lipsticks. Try using some eye shadow to create a nice lip shade. So first moisturize your lips with a good balm, then pick a nice shadow colour and apply generously (depends on the pigmentation) on said luscious lip and to pull it all together, add a layer of clear gloss. There you go. Did I not tell you I gat you? 



Ponds powder is a life saver I tell you. I was brown powder less for a good part of last year. My powder finished, and I was unsure of which brand to use, concerned about cost and just plain lazy to go out and buy the damn thing. And most of last year, my entire makeup look was shoddy eyebrows, mascara and lipstick or gloss and of course Ponds powder to finish it off. I swear by this guys, it works great even on foundation. The small ponds that is pink and white, there’s a picture down below. Just on bare face (no proper make up days) it works better than regular white powder, it absorbs better, doesn’t leave white residue and has a matte finish and there’s just a softness to it. And it works just as good with foundation. Will I eventually get some actual brown powder ? yes. But I will always still have a stash of ponds at home to use whenever. Plus the powder itself is pink, what a cutie!

Press On Nails

I haven’t actually tried this before but that’s only because I haven’t seen good ones that I like here in stores in Abuja. I haven’t looked very hard to be honest. I’m not an every week nail fixer but every once in a while, I like having my nails done. I’ve been seeing them on my beauty faves like Dimma and Jackie and I love it. It’s quick, easy, pretty, probably cheaper without all the pain of getting your actual nails done. Hell yes! So I’m on the hunt for some nice press on nails, I’ll try them and let you know what I think. And yes they come in all shapes and sizes. From actual short regular nail type shapes to super long claw like fix. There’s something for everyone. 

White Gel


I’m occasionally being anti- laid edges but every once in awhile I like to tame those babies. I was with the bandwagon when the wave of edge controls first hit but it was almost always a fail. From not holding me (my edges) down, to leaving white residues, to mixing with my makeup on my forehead and being pricey. I also hated how hard it felt, texture was a no for me. I have officially given up on edge controls and moved on to good old gel, but not just any gel, white gel. It has the same holding range as the edge controls (at least the ones I used to use) and often times can last longer but without all the other stress. The secret to making it look and last better is scarfing it down for a couple of minutes. And I tie my hair every night to bed so it’s a win win. For best use, do your hair early whilst getting ready for your day, apply and scarf it down while you do other activities so by the time you’re ready to walk out the door. You’re all laid up down and fly. I’m still open to using edge controls if I find a product that is good with half the problems of the regular ones and affordable too. 

Skin Care Before Dinner

I’m lazy, I’m lazy af. I believe it bears repeating. Skincare is not something I particularly used to practise until 2019. I had a bath or showered, used lotion and deodorant, end of story. But since my face which never gave me any problems since birth ( I come from great gene pools guys) started acting up most of last year, I had to grudgingly start treating it right by having a skincare routine and being more intentional about it. And as the Lord will have it, progress is being made. Anyways practising my nightly skin care routine is always such a struggle for me, cause if I do not manage to do it before getting into bed for the night, that is almost always a wrap. So what I’ve started practising is doing my night skin care routine before dinner. Feed your face before your stomach people, 2020 is the year we glow. I noticed that often times after dinner I’m always too lazy to get back up and get it done and if I decide to I always do it before I eat. However long I stall, the need to eat will ginger me to get it done. 

Air Dry That Face

Yes, you read right. My journey to clear skin has been a series of trial and error and using the process of elimination. Apparently using the same towel for your body and your face is a no. Did you know that? Between deep diving on skin care twitter and going into skin care rabbit holes on youtube, the recommended thing to do is use a clean, separate towel preferably white so you can see the harsh truths (lol) or use paper towels. I tried using the separate white towel bit for a while and even though I forgot a couple of times it was working out well. But as the lazy human that I am, I got tired of hand washing two towels every other week so I decided to start air drying my face. I just don’t wipe it after washing and by the time I’m done wiping my full body it’s basically almost dry. There’s just enough moisture left on it to finish off my routine which is A-perfect. Cause who dry skin help. Not me. But I still have my white towel handy for days when I just need to go, go, go.

Those are my few beauty hacks. Let me know if you try any or if there are some you already do. 

T.N: There were a couple more but they were just too ghetto to share. Lol

       And forgive the pictures, It’s my beyond amateur attempt at product photography. I’m          terrible at all types by the way. 

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