I’ve been on my keyboard, just a click away from writing a new blog post but I just can’t bring myself to. The world was dealt a huge blow on Monday 27th and being 12,671km away from where it happened doesn’t even buffer the impact. I know I need to get what I’m feeling out before it consumes me. I am constantly switching between my docs app and YouTube, searching for old Kobe Bryant videos to see and capture his true essence. Every image or video I see of him and his daughter just sends me right back to a puddle of tears. Between legends like Micheal Jackson and beloved people like Stan Lee, we’ve seen the world grieve in different ways and intensities. But the outpouring of love and the grief that Kobe’s death brought, is on a whole other level and it is just a testament to the kind of man and human he was. 

 I have never been an NBA follower. The most I know about b-ball is that they throw balls through a hoop net and that the players are fine af. So no, I was not particularly a fan of Kobe, the only other basketballers who I’ve known and low-key been fans of are LeBron, Dwayne, Shaq and Jordan. Did I know of Kobe? yes but only when he finds his way to the entertainment section of the news or when some basketball head is raving on about who the GOAT is. I never knew Kobe and I’ve never heard of any other person on that flight before the tragic news of their passing but I’ve not hurt this much for strangers as I did on Monday. It’s Friday and I’m still mostly in a state of shock. 

On one very selfish hand I wish the world could stop talking about it so I wouldn’t be constantly bombarded by this hurt that keeps sneaking up on me. Could we all just keep off the internet and grieve by ourselves, knowing all the people on that flight were robbed of their lives? That Kobe was an amazing, kind, selfless human and an excellent sportsman? In this day and its technology, that’s not possible and that would be a huge disservice to him. Dimming his light and legacy and all that he lived and worked for in this very moment, this moment that the memories of those things are all we have left to comfort ourselves is exactly against the very selfless nature he exuded. 

I didn’t know Kobe but I have come to know him in the less than 48hours after his passing and I’m proud to have lived in the same time as this great man. 

I didn’t know Kobe but I pray his family finds some peace in the years to come. 

I didn’t know Kobe but I pray for strength for his wife when her little one is old enough to ask where her dad is. 

I didn’t know Kobe but I know even in death he will keep inspiring millions across the world. And I hope all the good strides he put in place to help people are kept on. 

I don’t know Kobe but I’m glad he could be a dad, something he loved very much even in his passing.

I didn’t know Gianna but she was such a beautiful girl who had such a vibrant spirit and an amazing relationship with her dad.

I didn’t know Gianna but her love for basketball shone through everytime she was on a court. 

I didn’t know Gianna but I pray her siblings find comfort in one another as they grieve her loss. 

I didn’t know Gianna but I’m sad for the future that was stolen from her. 

I didn’t know Alyssa Altobelli but I’m happy she had her parents with her. 

I didn’t know Mr and Mrs Altobelli but I grieve for the two children they left behind. 

I didn’t know the Altobelli’s but I pray that the children have a strong support system to help them both emotionally and financially. 

I didn’t know Payton and Sarah Chester but I’m happy they had each other in their final moments. 

I didn’t know Payton and Sarah but I pray God comforts their family. 

I didn’t know the Pilot, Ara Zobayan but I can understand how hard it must have been to have people’s lives literally in your hands. 

I didn’t know Ara but I want to believe he tried his best till the very end.

I didn’t know Ara but I’m sure he has some family and I pray to God to comfort them. 

I didn’t know any of the 9 people on that flight but I’ve grieved for them, still am and I have cried real salty tears for them and prayed for their souls and families. 

I didn’t know the 9 people on that flight but I’m comforted that they had one another as they were indeed a family. 

I hope everyone single person who knew them in one way or another or has been touched or helped by them or been a part of their lives in anyway find a way to get through this hurt.

Nigeria is a very religious country and everyday we pray against tragedies and our mouths say “God forbid” to ill news faster than we even apologize for actual wrongdoing. When things go wrong here we always compare it to the West and how they could have handled it better. So it’s always so shocking to see when absolutely nothing could have been done even by them. 

The finality of death at least in our mortal bodies is just so fucking depressing. Our mortality is something we are all aware of and death is the one thing in this life that is certain. But almost always the loss of a life is still so shocking, the irony of life isn’t it? Death is a fickle, vengeful bitch and one whose arms we must all pass through. 

I didn’t know Kobe and I’m grateful that even death would not hinder my chance to get to know him. 

A wise person I know always tells me that we owe the dead nothing but the truth. In this time more than ever, her words ring true. I’m happy that the truth of the people on that tragic flight and the truth about how they lived their lives is being told all over the world and is one that is deserving of being told. May their truth and the lives they led continue to impact many. 

Peace, love and light to everyone. Be kind to one another and show love to people while you are alive and able to. 

This whole thing sucks majorly and life indeed is a pot of beans.