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 Being alone has never felt so lonely before

I used to take pride in being able to take time to be with myself

That one companion, yourself, that knows and understands you as much as you think you know yourself

To be alone with confidence that if and when you come out of your recluse you have the world waiting for you…. OK maybe not the world

But at least your best friend, friends, boo(if there’s one) and family

But then you come out of from your solitude one day 

And realize, your best friend has a new best friend and your friends have made new friends and your family has outgrown you but are around out of obligation

Then you finally realize you have no person and everybody has a person

And starting over has to be the hardest thing

Well everyone knows you are the laziest person when it comes to meeting new people

At least they knew that when they where your people

So you turn into an actual recluse though not out of choice

And then you wake up one day and realize you actually are alone

But being alone has never felt so lonely